Our imaginations are invited to visit another world, expand our reality and lift our spirit through Sean O'Shea's book of Byron Bay.

Never before have I experienced a pictorial journey of such beauty, artistic spontaneity and emotional response through the images he has captured. Just as the horizon meets the sea, humans meet animal life, clouds frame scenes, capturing light and form and the magical merging of the natural kaleidoscope both.

We are invited to witness nature in it's full glory with every turning of the page. So close up and personal it can take a breath away as you lose yourself between the pages, the rocks, above the waves, looking into the eyes of animals and birds of land, sea and the power of mountains; all the heights & depths of life floating in a myriad of colour.

We visit places, hear music, read books and the memories fade but through Sean's photos and personal stories he gifts you with the wonders he encounters, snapshots of life and the images that will stay with you and feed your Soul.

Jackie Jones

Writer and Musician 

Photo by Kate Elliott - @WildGoatEvents